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Customer Engagement with Personalised Videos

Imagine sending your customers a message that is truly relevant and meaningful to them



The Hito Team has gone above and beyond to help us leverage personalised video to boost donor and fundraiser engagement.

Our donors and fundraisers now feel they more connected to each campaign.

Rob Novotny

Fundraising Manager, Ronald McDonald House Charities Sydney

Why Personalised Videos

Personalised videos are the most effective medium of communication since you have full control over how you utilise your data to communicate to each member of your audience. Here are some of the results our clients have experienced.

Customer engagement

Up to 5x increase in customer engagement

Click through rate

Up to 8x Increase in click through rates


Open rates

Up to 200% increase in open rates


Video views

Up to 4x times video completion rates

Let’s look at how you can use personalised videos to keep your customers wanting more.

Personalised videos

A video for everyone

Engage your audience with a video that is made especially for them. People are more engaged with video content that is personalised for them.

Your business is unique. Let’s make that engagement just as distinctive to your audience in a way that is meaningful to them.

How Companies Use Us

Companies across the board can use us for the following industry types.


Craft that personalised message that will make your prospects take notice of how well you understand their business.


Step up your ABM strategy to deliver relevant content to key contacts in a way that is more likely to be consumed.


Customer Success

Streamline your insight delivery to give all your customers access to the data to see how much value they get from your products and services.


Human Resources

Personalised onboarding, followed by consistent engagement and  appreciation is just the beginning.


Your Ideas!

We’d love to have a chat about your project and make it come to life.

About us

Hito is Japanese for person. Everything we do has a focus on an individual.

With backgrounds in marketing technology, customer success and for-purpose organisations, we experienced success in our careers by building strong relationships through a personalised approach.

We used that recipe to build a product to enable organisations to tap into the power of personalisation at scale.

If you’d like to partner with us, we’d love to have a chat.


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